Randy Pausch has passed.

Randy Pausch

“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They are there to stop the OTHER people!” — from The Last Lecture

Best known for his “The Last Lecture” speech, Randy Pausch has died at age 47. The reason I write this is because if you haven’t seen the lecture, you are missing something so spectacular. You all know that I am emotional and passionate. This man is amazing. One day I hope to have his strength.

Oddly, a few weeks ago, Gair offered me his book.his book

As I have read his lecture, watched his lecture many times and been to his site: I declined. However, yesterday- I asked her for the book to let my mother read it on a trip she will be going on soon. Gair gave me the book. I stood in the kitchen last night, reading the last chapter crying. Pooky came in and asked me what was wrong. My response was, “This book, this man. He’s dying”. Then a little while ago, I checked my e-mail and Cantrell had sent me an e-mail with some questions about school. He ended with, “Also, didn’t know you’ve ever heard of “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, but it’s pretty inspirational. He became kind of a celebrity after his speech and book. He died this morning at the age of 47…. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121699381188384657.htm

That is the article about him dying. His lecture is linked to it. Watch the lecture.

Thanks, Cantrell. Eerie chain of events for me…!!!

Welcome Back!

WAIT– never-mind!!! I am the only one here. Well, Tracy, Big Robert, Terry and Naomi are here and they come check on me occasionally. However, y’all know what I mean. 🙂

I am getting quite a bit accomplished. Who knew taking care of SSI stuff could be so rewarding? Also, I have ALMOST gotten my office organized. I have one set of my new curtains hung. OK- Big Robert has one set hung. He’s waiting on me to finish the other set. Wait until you guys see my office! I am sure you are on pins and needles. I’d describe it, but I’d rather you agonize over the thought of what I have done. Alright– what Big Robert has done. BUT– I am the “designer”!

Tonight I will post another Marzano question. The laptop with all my “stuff” is at home.

Here’s a book you all need to read if you are a leader, consider yourself a leader of something (church, children, etc) or would like to be a leader. OR– if you just like to read, just like to read what I suggest, or are into literature. Take a look and you’ll understand. It ROCKS!!

Questions of Character

The book is Questions of Character by Joseph L. Badaracco Jr. I promise: you won’t be disappointed!

What I “Do” and “Don’t”

Update on the working out:

NOT. Sorry, Gina. Perhaps when school starts we can form a “club” and make a commitment to go workout, like two to three times a week. I know it will help. The “doctor” tells me so. And Gair. And everyone.

There’s my “don’t”s.

Now for the “do”s. I’ve been hoping to impress one of my favorite teachers on our campus (The one who owns a tie skirt. There’s some trivia for any “newbies” who actually are reading the blog this summer. One of the WMS teachers owns and wears an entire skirt made out of ties. Watch out, ladies. Cantrell is gonna be looking for the “tie” skirt.) Anyway, she knows who she is. I covet the skirt and she laughs. 🙂

This “do” is on the quilting line of my life. The sewing obsession. Stop laughing. Y’all know I didn’t plan to get soooo hung up on this. Anderton is probably rolling on the floor holding her side. Last she knew I was gonna spend my summer on Ebay in search of bows for Kate. Heather is rolling her eyes and Karla is “geeshing” me. Lynn, Cowell, Gail– where’s the love?

On with it: if you want me to be smiling— help me. Crook, I can’t wrap my brain around how to make a purse. I want to make a skirt. (See how I digressed… That was my point up there when I started talking about the “tie” skirt.) Who out there can help me? Or counsel me? Or pay for my counselor? Dr. Waddell is never gonna give me another summer vacation.

What did you “do” or “not do” this summer? Please don’t let me be the only weirdo…sewing