What I “Do” and “Don’t”

Update on the working out:

NOT. Sorry, Gina. Perhaps when school starts we can form a “club” and make a commitment to go workout, like two to three times a week. I know it will help. The “doctor” tells me so. And Gair. And everyone.

There’s my “don’t”s.

Now for the “do”s. I’ve been hoping to impress one of my favorite teachers on our campus (The one who owns a tie skirt. There’s some trivia for any “newbies” who actually are reading the blog this summer. One of the WMS teachers owns and wears an entire skirt made out of ties. Watch out, ladies. Cantrell is gonna be looking for the “tie” skirt.) Anyway, she knows who she is. I covet the skirt and she laughs. ๐Ÿ™‚

This “do” is on the quilting line of my life. The sewing obsession. Stop laughing. Y’all know I didn’t plan to get soooo hung up on this. Anderton is probably rolling on the floor holding her side. Last she knew I was gonna spend my summer on Ebay in search of bows for Kate. Heather is rolling her eyes and Karla is “geeshing” me. Lynn, Cowell, Gail– where’s the love?

On with it: if you want me to be smiling— help me. Crook, I can’t wrap my brain around how to make a purse. I want to make a skirt. (See how I digressed… That was my point up there when I started talking about the “tie” skirt.) Who out there can help me? Or counsel me? Or pay for my counselor? Dr. Waddell is never gonna give me another summer vacation.

What did you “do” or “not do” this summer? Please don’t let me be the only weirdo…sewing

13 thoughts on “What I “Do” and “Don’t”

  1. What I did not do this summer:
    * find a husband or a date, for that matter
    * diet or workout
    * write “the great American novel”

    What I did do this summer:
    * teach summer school
    * buy a new washer, dryer and refridgerator
    * move to a house that I’m renting

    What I still hope to do:
    * rest and relax, so I can be refreshed
    * read a couple of books
    * not hear my alarm clock for a while
    * sleep late and stay up late

    Shannon, good luck with the “ties.” My advice is for you to borrow the skirt, figure out how it’s made and then make your own.

  2. Ok, here’s me.

    What I did NOT do this summer (although it’s not over yet, so there’s still hope!):
    -find a husband, or a date for that matter (wait…that sounds familiar)
    -read all the books I intended to
    -get up reeeally early, on purpose (NOT hoping for that one)
    -quilt as much as I intended…but still intending

    What I DID do this summer:
    -rode my bike
    -got lost in the woods…in Kentucky…on my bike
    -spent a fabulous week with extended family at our family reunion.
    -read some books
    -watched my nephew play Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka
    -celebrated my 29th birthday…..again

    What I HOPE to do:
    -return to Oklahoma at least one more time
    -remember to post to this blog

  3. I DID:

    – Finally attain a teaching position! (why I’m wasting your time right now)
    – Started playing tennis
    – Finally (kind of) got my website going
    – Attend far too many weddings

    I DID NOT:

    – Do half of what I intended to do
    – Get a scooter (the 90 mpg is so tempting)
    – Do jack on 4th of July
    – Cry when the Stars lost to the Red Wings (but wanted to)

    P.S. Shannon, I know a few girls that have done the “tie-dress” and may just be able to hook you up with a pattern if you’d like (and even donate a few ties I’ll never wear again).

  4. What I did NOT do this summer

    Finish all the scrapbooking I had on my list (YIKES)

    Get my son registered for Drivers Ed – YET- I know i have to do it, but this is a milestone I am having issues with

    Get caught up on back episodes of House

    Get any new tarantulas

    What I DID do

    Join Curves and have been working out every day (Kissel is my witness – I ran into her at B&N afer a workout)

    Started a higher protein lower carb diet (not atkins – It’s the Curves diet)

    Finally got the sleep study my husband has been bugging me about – I do have apnea and I get fitted for my breathing machine tonight.

    Made a decision to be healthier to be here longer for my son and my husband.

  5. What I did do:
    Go to Estes Park-Colo
    Play my guitar
    Ride my bike
    Watched three season of The Wire-Thumbs up
    Watched the first season of Mad Men-Thumbs up
    Read a bunch
    Implement some Marzano on my son’s Jake and Luke
    Began to watch Kill Generation-Not bad, takes me back

    What I did not do
    Make a stinkin quilt
    buy Donna a tie dress
    enjoy the movie Walle

  6. Mr. Russell,
    I can help you learn to quilt…
    AND– donna so needs a tie dress!!!

  7. What I did do this summer:
    Went to College Station and hung out with my college roomie and her family
    Taught summer school – it seemed to last forever
    Read 1 Chapter of the Marzano book (sorry Shannon)
    Went to New Hampshire, Bar Harbor and Kittery Maine and Boston
    Ate a ton of fabulous food on my vacation
    Gained 5 pounds on my vacation
    Worked out consistantly all summer
    Went out on A date
    Got accepted to Library grad schoolat UNT
    Registered for my 1st grad school class – YIKES!!!!
    Rejoined Weight Watchers

    What I did not do this summer:
    Spring/Summer clean my house
    Read the entire Marzano book or blog
    Lose the 5 pounds I gained pre vacation
    My husband did not find me
    Did not want the lottery
    Become a tall, slender supermodel
    Dance and sing on Broadway

  8. What I did this summer:

    Helped my son move to Denton
    Played on the beach
    Took my grand-daughter to Hurricane Harbor
    Went camping
    Cleaned out closet
    Worked in flower beds
    Ate lots of watermelon
    Spent 1 whole day in my jammies, just because

    What I did not do:

    Go to a concert
    Take enough pictures

    What I still hope to do:

    Build a deck
    Replace my oven
    Paint a bedroom

  9. I did do:

    Took the course on โ€œCreativityโ€ at Dallas Museum of Art
    Decorated my home
    Created shadow box for my step daughter
    Ride my bike
    Planted flowers and crape myrtles
    Worked on my recent paintings
    Loved everyone
    Listen music
    Read several great books

    What I did not do this summer:

    Visited Tuscany and Venice
    Go to Tibet
    Dance in the rain

  10. Did
    Taught summer school
    Went on a 17 family member reunion to Puerto Rico and a cruise
    Had my class painted an AWESOME blue
    Made curtains for blue classroom
    Shopped for summer clothes
    Worked on cabin with best friend of 31 years who is also my husband
    “Dreamt” about being a grandparent
    Read lots of non-book study books ๐Ÿ™‚
    Shed tears of sadness for Arlene’s loss

    Get chosen for The Amazing Race
    Lose cruise weight
    Become a grandparent
    Grow hair to my waist
    Become a natural blond
    Participate in a marathon of any kind
    Visit Antarctica
    Figure out how to spell check this site so i don’t look dumb!

  11. What I did do this summer ( I choose to start with the positives! ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    1. Relaxed my mind and body
    2. Worked out consistantly
    3. Had a great extra job where I met and learned form many people
    4. Went on a road trip through 6 states.
    5. Climbed a mountain
    6. White water rafted
    7. Camped at Yellowstone National Park
    8. Camped on the beach

    What I did not do:
    1. Read as much as I wanted
    2. Think about school
    3. Become pitifully lazy
    4. Learn how to sew (I am lucky if I can get up the courage to put a button on !!! Can anybody help?)
    What I st

    ill hope to do:
    Finish the Marzano book
    Finish the Ruby Payne book
    Have one more no make up/ PJ day!

    See you all soon!

  12. What I did do this summer:
    1. Watch my now 9 year old mature and even gain some weight finally
    2. Go to Disney World
    3. Spend time at the swimming pool
    4. Get a new kitten for the daughter
    5. Have the kitchen tiled.
    6. Spend too much $$$$

    What I did not do this summer:
    1. Take any professional development classes (yikes!!)
    2. Get in the kind of shape I wanted to
    3. Deep clean the house the way I wanted to
    4. Spend enough time with certain friends

  13. What I did do:
    1) Got hitched
    2) Saw the Roman ruins in Bath, England
    3) Climbed to the top of the Belfry in Bruges, Belgium
    4) Sampled lots of chocolate in Brussels
    5) Ate waffels (waffles) in Bruges
    6) Climbed to top of St. Paul’s in London
    7) Saw “A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s” in London
    8) Saw Agatha Christie’s “Mousetrap” in London
    9) Went ot the Biltmore in Ashville, NC
    10) Attended TCU AP Institute
    11) Gained 10 lbs due to chocolate, waffles, beverages and marriage

    What I did not do:
    1) Lose the 10 lbs I’ve gained
    2) Train my husband (working on it)
    3) Get pregnant
    4) win the lottery

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