Literacy Team August Strategy-KWL 2010-2011

August begins our journey into school wide implementation of six high yield literacy strategies from MMGW. In the lounge, you will find folders to put student work samples of each strategy we work on as a school. At the end of each month, folders will be cleaned out and contents kept by Mr. Cantrell for follow up visits with Mrs. Duty. So, photocopy student work if you want to keep it because it will not be returned.

After you implement the KWL strategy,


which is explained in the link, try it out in your classroom at least once. Be sure to post an “exemplary” example so students understand what you expect. Collect sample work and place it in your folder in the lounge at least 1 class day prior to the end of the month. (Yes, August will be a time crunch.) After you have placed your samples in the lounge, view cross-curricular versions of the KWL chart from the faculty folders.

The last step is to leave a comment on the blog by the last day of  August. Your comment should include:

1. How you used the KWL strategy in your room.

2. Feedback on student engagement.

3. Comments on the cross-curricular samples. Be specific.

4. Any additional comments you may have about the strategy.

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